Why is Boudoir so Expensive?

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Why is Boudoir so expensive?  I hear this question all the time.  Boudoir is like a piece of art.  You are a masterpiece and should be treated like one.  Your photos will last a lifetime if preserved properly just like a piece of art in a museum.   Some people collect art and buy many pieces while others just invest into the one they will cherish forever.  That is just like Boudoir photos.  Some people do it just once,  while others do multiple sessions making each one a little different than the one before.  Each session is unique and that is what makes it so special.  Boudoir is an investment and you are worth it.  We don’t think twice when purchasing an expensive phone so why should Boudoir be any different?  A phone will only last a few years, whereas your photos can last a lifetime.

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What are my options if money is tight?


I understand paying $600 or $800 for a Boudoir session all at once is expensive and tough for most of us which is why I do payment plans.  All I ask is for you to pay your deposit so I can book your hair and makeup artist.  Then we can divide your balance into as many payments as you want.  Most divide theirs into 4-6 payments.  However, if you plan this out you can make as many payments as you need.  I had one client do 8 payments, which is totally fine with me.  This gave her time to prepare for her session without the stress of money. 

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I know Boudoir seems expensive but that’s where trading comes in handy. Years ago, trade was the main way people exchanged services and I think we need to bring that back.  In the past 3 years I have traded for massages, chiropractic care, home improvement projects, as well as numerous goods and other services.   I do my best to work with everyone because I know how important this Boudoir experience is for women.  Sometimes I may not be able to do a full trade, but it will at least help cut down on your payment.  If you have any ideas please let me know.

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You are a masterpiece!

Invest in Yourself

Boudoir is an investment in yourself and I understand this.  This is why I customize each session to make sure it is the empowering experience you deserve.  Annually I take courses to continue my education in Photography with an emphasis on Boudoir.  I have all my equipment cleaned and inspected annually and only hire professional hair and makeup artist who are licensed and certified.  It takes me about an hour to get everything ready for your session.  Then it takes another hour to clean everything up and download your photos.  Once your photos are downloaded, I have to cull, soft edit and then edit favorites before uploading them into a gallery for you to see.  This is a long process since I don’t do batch editing, but you are worth it.  You will get your photos from me in less than two weeks and I will add a second edit onto the photos you want in your album or printed.  Boudoir like art takes time but is totally worth it!!

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