What to Expect at Your Maternity Milk Bath

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A Maternity Milk Bath is the perfect addition to your Boudoir session and a great way to show off your beautiful body and how it has changed.  They are typically an add on and done after a 1 hour Maternity session together and takes about 30 minutes.  I have a massive tub for you to relax in and the flower combinations are endless.  Most of my clients take their photos anywhere between 30-35 weeks depending on if this is their first baby, how they feel, and how big their bump is growing.  You are going to love how the milk bath really shows off your belly and the precious gift you are carrying. These are photos you will cherish for a lifetime.

Maternity Milk Bath with Pink and Purple flowers
Maternity Milk Bath
maternity milk bath with sunflowers and rubber duckies
Choose Your Flowers or Color Scheme
Maternity Milk bath boudoir session
Bellies are Beautiful!

But What Should I Expect?  

You start by having your hair and makeup done by a professional artist and then we do your 1 hour Maternity session.   I photograph you in 2-3 outfits while your hair is still styled and dry.  Many choose a nice bra and underwear set, a baggy sweater, or simply just a sheet.  Your Milk Bath outfit is typically a lace dress which you can borrow or a cute bra and underwear set.  We start with you sitting high up in the tub with some easy poses. I will ask you ahead of time what you are wearing to make sure the flowers match.  I will also ask if you want a flower crown, which is an additional cost. We do simple poses since moving around with a big belly is not easy and safety is our number one concern.

Maternity Boudoir Session in Black Bra
1 hour session before the Milk Bath
Maternity Milk Bath with Flower Crown and Black Lace Dress
Red flowers for this Christmas baby
Maternity Milk Bath with Pink Flower Crown
Simple Flower Crown

But What’s in a Milk Bath?

Everyone does their Milk Bath sessions a little differently.  Some pour gallons of milk into the tub while others use powders.  I personally  use coffee creamer to get the color I want.  It is similar to a powdered milk but dairy free since some clients are allergic to milk and milk products.   By the time your hair and makeup is done and we have finished our 1 hour session together the water has cooled and is ready for you.  I fill the remaining water after you are in since every body type is different and I want to make sure the water does not cover your belly and the temperature is right. The surrounding tub will already be filled with greenery and the flowers will be cut and tested because trust me….. Not all flowers float the same. 

maternity milk bath with sunflowers and rubber duckies
Sunflowers and Duckies for this little boy
Maternity Milk Bath with pink and purple flowers
Pink flowers for this little girl
Maternity Milk Bath pink flowers
Our Client Closet has plenty of gowns you can borrow.

 But Is It Only For Maternity?

If you love the idea of a milk bath but didn’t get the opportunity to do one while pregnant, don’t worry.  You can do a milk bath after your pregnancy with your little one.  If you are worried about your belly we can do a bubble bath instead since the bubbles are a great way to hide your stomach.  Milk Bath Sessions are not just for Maternity.  They can be done for any reason you want.  You just have to get creative and be ready to have some fun.  So what’s stopping you?  Book your session today. 

Newborn Milk Bath session
Newborn Milk Bath
Milk Bath full of Fruit Loops
Play with Cereal
Champagne Bubble Bath
Enjoy Champagne and Bubbles
Milk Bath Boudoir Session on a gorgeous girl with tattoos
Do One Just Because You Deserve it


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Pauline Castillo HMUA

Tabatha Samonte HMUA

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