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Boudoir is Ageless

Boudoir is ageless and it is time to show how glamorous you are by doing a Boudoir session that will leave you feeling sexy and empowered.  Beauty is a mindset so now is the time to love yourself.  You have worked hard raising your kids and having a busy career.   We all have something to celebrate whether it is weight loss, beating cancer, surviving a difficult divorce or simply just enjoying this new adventure in your life.  The desire to feel beautiful is something every woman wants at every age and deserves.  Yes, your body has changed over the years but that is something to celebrate. You are glamorous and it is time to pamper yourself and give yourself the gift of photos which document how amazing you are.  I would like to share a few stories with you about women between the age of 50-60 who did a Boudoir session with me to celebrate  where they are in life right now and to have something to hold on to and cherish for years to come.  So, let’s meet Theresa and Juliana. They prove Boudoir is Glamorous.

Pinup Boudoir
You still got it!
60th Birthday Photos
You are Beautiful at Every Age

Celebrating her 50th Birthday

Theresa celebrated her 50th birthday with me by doing a Boudoir session.  Her daughter was all grown up and it was time for her to live her best life.  She wanted to show off her personality with this stylized shoot.  Her husband brought his red Cobra to the house and she brought her fishing gear.  Before her session we had a consultation to go over her style and what she wanted from her Boudoir session.  She mentioned her favorite color was pink, and she loved Marilyn Monroe.  We went over outfit styles and planned out our day together, so she knew what to bring.  We had a lot of fun together and now she has photos for herself and her husband to remind herself how amazing she is.  Some of my clients add head shots to their session since they are already all dolled up or make special plans for that night.  When you look this glamorous you need to show it off.

Rec Cobra and Leather Jacket
Hot Rod…. Hot Life
Happy 50th Birthday
Ready to Rock
Car Pin up
Glamour Life!
Retro Phone Pin Up
Retro Inspired
Fishing vest
Quite the Catch

Celebrating her 60th

Juliana celebrated her 60th birthday with me.  Yes, you heard me right, 60.   We started with some fun birthday shots and then changed it up for some more sassy at sixty photos.  Like all women, Juliana was nervous at first. However, after seeing how glamorous she looked thanks to our hair and makeup artist she felt much better.  Getting your hair and makeup done makes you feel amazing.  Our hair and makeup artists know how to bring your natural glow out.  They understand all skin types and hair styles. They chat with you while you relax in your chair and I set up your outfits.  Then once you are done, we head to the studio to have some fun.  I go through all the poses with you step by step, so you don’t have to worry about anything.  We laugh, we smile, and I get the honor of showing you just how beautiful you are inside and out.  Boudoir truly is ageless!

Happy 60th Birthday
Celebrate Life
60th Birthday Boudoir
Sexy and Sassy
black leather dress
Sexy is a Mindset

Document your Life

Like most of my clients Juliana and Theresa have become friends.  They are both positive women who love to uplift others.  Theresa loves to fish as often as she can, and Juliana is a transformation coach helping women become the best version of themselves.  Both women have allowed me to share their story to inspire others, but sharing is not necessary.  I have a lot of women who can’t allow me to share their photos for privacy reason which is why all galleries are locked and can only be opened by a password.  This is your Boudoir session so let’s plan it exactly how you dream it. You are glamorous and you deserve to be celebrated.

60th Birthday Boudoir
Love Yourself
Marilyn Monroe inspired
Life is Short… Have Fun

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