Choosing the Perfect Boudoir Photographer.

Boudoir sessions have gained immense popularity over the past few years. It is no longer looked at as porn but a beautiful and sensual way to capture oneself. It gives you confidence and leaves you feeling empowered. Whether it is a gift for your partner or for yourself, finding the right Boudoir photographer is key. It is crucial to find someone you will feel comfortable with and has experience so you can leave feeling amazing. So here are seven essential tips to guide you in selecting the right Boudoir photographer…… Me….. Kellie Foster…. (hee hee)

Kellie Foster's headshot for Spark Boudoir at Jaspers in Fallbrook

Research and Review Portfolios

Begin your search by exploring portfolios of various Boudoir photographers near you. In Temecula we have a lot of photographers and everyone has their own style. Pay attention to their style, composition, and overall vibe of their work. Do you like dark and moody? Maybe light and bright? Do you want very sexual photos or more classy boudoir? Look for photographers whose style and vibe align with the vision you have for your own Boudoir session. Find someone who has a lot of experience and has worked with all body shapes and types. You want someone who is versatile and can make what you love about your body stand out and what you don’t love angled right so you can learn to love it.

Read Reviews and Testimonials

Take time to read reviews. As of March 2024 I have 33 reviews on Yelp and they are all 5 stars with 8 more they didn’t post due to algorithms. I always advise reading the reviews because it gives you insight to how the session went and how the client felt. Read the feedback on how the quality of the photos turned out since not all photographers use professional print companies. See if they liked their photographers communication skills. Did they feel comfortable at the session? How did they feel at the end of the session? How quick was the turnaround time on the photos? All of these things are important. Positive reviews from happy clients should help instill a confidence in who you pick and help you feel more confident about your session. So just google Boudoir photographers near me and start looking at their reviews.

Choose Experience and Expertise

Experience matters when it comes to Boudoir photography. Seek out photographers who specialize in this genre and know what they are doing. Find someone with a proven track record of producing stunning and tasteful images for women of all ages and body types. An experienced photographer will know how to pose you to accentuate your best features. They know how to create flattering light and evoke the proper mood for your session. I have been doing Boudoir photography since 2015. So far I have done 4 Boudoir sessions myself so I know how you feel and understand your nerves. I have worked with women size 2 – 22 and women in the 20’s up to their 60’s. I treat all my clients the same and make sure your personality shines with your photos.

Meet or Consult with the Photographer

Before booking a session arrange to have a pre consultation with your photographer. This can be done in person, over the phone or email. This is a great time to go over your vision and concerns. This is also why I suggest picking a Boudoir photographer near you. Just type in Boudoir photographer near me and if you are in the Temecula area I should pop up. I will give you an email to explain what your session fee covers. Then once we book our date and time you will get multiple emails from me to get you ready. Every client gets a “get to know you” questionnaire which we use to help personalize your session. Knowing your photographer ahead of time helps you feel less nervous and more excited for your session.

Focus on Comfort and Trust

Comfort and trust are essential when doing a Boudoir session. Choose a photographer that puts you first and prioritizes your comfort and creates a safe place for you so you can express yourself freely. Mutual trust between you and the photographer fosters a collaborative and relaxed atmosphere which results in more authentic photos. This is why a client questionnaire is important. I can get to know what kind of music you like. What you love and dislike about you body and why you are doing this shoot? The more I get to know you the more comfortable you become and probably why most of my clients become my friends.

Look into Pricing and Packages

Ask your photographer what is included in your session and how quickly you will get your photos. While budget is definitely a factor don’t let it be your main focus. Many photographers like myself do payment plans and work with your budget. Prioritize quality and experience over the cost. Your Boudoir experience with me is $250 which cover your hair and makeup and a 1.5 hour session. I do not make you choose your package ahead of time or say you have to spend a certain amount of money. My galleries typically have 100 – 150 photos in them and you will see these photos in less than 72 hours. Once you know your favorites you can decide which album size is best for you. So take your time…. compare pricing options and expertise. Find someone who aligns with your budget and expectations.

Inquire about Privacy and Confidentiality

Given the intimate nature of Boudoir photography it is crucial to ensure that your privacy and confidentiality is respected. All of my galleries are password protected and saved in two spaces. Some women are fine with me showing any and all photos on social media. Others don’t want anything shown and its usually because of their job. This is why I have my clients sign a contract letting me know if they want their photos shared or not. So please ask your photographer what her policies are on privacy.

Black and White photo of a woman running down a trail in a hat and underwear.

Selecting the perfect Boudoir photographer requires careful consideration and research. There are various factors you will want to consider like style, experience, professionalism and trust. By researching photographers near you, reviewing portfolios, and reading reviews you will be able to find someone who matches your style and vibe. Remember to trust your instincts when choosing the photographer that feels right for you. With the right photographer by your side your session will be transformative and liberating.

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Thank you to Ali for my headshots at the Nest in Fallbrook

The Nest


Gabriella for doing my hair and makeup for my headshots.


Thank you to Niki Bradley for taking me to my first Boudoir workshop and taking my Outdoor Boudoir photos.



Pauline Castillo for doing my hair and makeup for my Outdoor Boudoir photos.


Thank you Victoria Taylor for the beach photos with my husband. As photographers we typically hide behind the camera and need to be more present in photos.

Vee Taylor Photography

Thank you to Iconic Pinups in LA for doing my very first Boudoir session and making me feel beautiful when my body confidence was not at the highest.

Iconic Pinup

Thank you to Yelp for giving my clients a place to tell others just how amazing Boudoir sessions are.

Spark Boudoir by Kellie Foster

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