Outdoor Boudoir Ideas

Outdoor Boudoir Shower

Outdoor Boudoir Ideas in California

With everyone being stuck at home I thought it would be fun to share some Outdoor Boudoir Ideas.   This way when the stay at home orders are lifted we are all inspired and ready to shoot some Outdoor Boudoir Sessions.  This session was a styled shoot I went to in Winchester by Agro Studio.  We had two models Bella and Ashley and they were both superstars.  My favorites of Bella were in the Junkyard and Ashley more country.  Both girls were amazing at the outdoor shower scene with cool water on a cool day.  Keep reading to see more of the their amazing work and get inspired for your next Boudoir Shoot in Temecula or the surrounding areas.

Outdoor Boudoir Shower
Outdoor Boudoir in white lace bra

Junkyard Boudoir

Who would have thought a junkyard and a bunch of wood would be so hot?  The colors of the construction equipment went perfect with her outfit and the harsh light made for some gorgeous shadows.  This is why I love doing outdoor boudoir.  You can look amazing pretty much anywhere.  I always love when my clients bring a hat, robe, or kimono.  It gives them something to hold onto and play with.  Then add her gorgeous tattoos and we are ready.  Tattoos are like a piece of art and should be showcased whenever possible.  And for those of you wondering…..Yes, there might have been a guy or two peeking at our session but hey, she was more covered up in these photos than most on the beach.

Outdoor Boudoir Session at the Junkyard
Outdoor Boudoir Session at the Junkyard
Outdoor Boudoir Session in Winchester

Country Style

Country girls love to be outside.  Outdoor Boudoir is perfect for short shorts and crop tops.  Then add some boots and a cowgirl hat and we are ready.  County Boudoir is so versatile.  You can go outdoors and take pictures with your horse, some haybales, tractors, beautiful wood, practically anything.   Ashley as you can see looked gorgeous no matter where we put here.  She has the perfect country vibe and one of my favorite shots were of her on the vintage car.   Her long hair was gorgeous outdoors and gave the perfect boudoir vibe. 

Country Boudoir in old junkyard
Country Boudoir
Country Boudoir Outdoors

Outdoor Shower and Lace

My favorite part of this styled shoot was the amazing outdoor shower Agro Studio’s made.  We started by having the girls play in the lace and then took some water photos.  Doing an outdoor boudoir shower can be cold so these girls were rock stars.  With the right angles your makeup doesn’t get too wet but your hair definitely will.  I personally love to slow down the rain action so you can see the actual drops against their body since as you know….. I love detail shots.

Outdoor Boudoir in black lace lingerie wrapped in a curtain
Boudoir makeup
Outdoor Shower Boudoir with white lace lingerie

Outdoor Boudoir Shower

Other Cool Spots

This place had a lot of amazing Outdoor spots for Boudoir.  You definitely can’t be shy since there is a possibility that others may see but like I mentioned before, most of the outfits they wore covered more of their bodies than most bathing suits at the beach.  Don’t be afraid to do Boudoir.  Boudoir is beautiful and Boudoir is for every body type.  Outdoor Boudoir is a lot of fun and we have a lot of great places here in Temecula and surrounding cities. 

Outdoor Boudoir against a silo in Winchester
Outdoor Boudoir in Temecula with white lace
black and white Outdoor Boudoir in white lace bra


Kellie Foster Photography and Spark Boudoir

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