What to expect at your first boudoir session.

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Outfits to Bring to Your Boudoir Session

This is going to be your first Boudoir session so now what? I know not everyone has a drawer full of lingerie that they use nightly but most of have one or two pieces we love.  If not, don’t worry.  The one thing I do ask all my clients to bring is a cute bra and underwear set.  This is a great beginner piece that we can add to.  You can add a garter belt and stockings or even a robe to give it multiple looks.  I also have a client closet you can use or start shopping online since they have a lot of great deals.  Heels are a nice touch and the two most popular colors are black and tan with the taller the heel the better.  This will make your legs look longer.  However, if you don’t have heels I have some you can borrow.  I would rather you buy a new piece of lingerie than heels you may never wear again.  When it comes to Boudoir outfits don’t just think lingerie.  You can wear anything that makes you feel sexy or shows of your personality.  Some of my favorites have been loose sweaters, tank tops, flannels, jerseys, kimonos, etc.  Lastly we can just wrap you in a blanket or sheet. 

Implied nude is very sexy!

Tank top and knee highs.  Boudoir
Keep it casual with a tank top and knee highs
Stocking and heels make your legs look longer
Show off your favorite team
Try some implied nude. I promise it’s not scary.

Boudoir Hair and Makeup

Now that you know what to bring, what should you do about your hair and makeup? I don’t know about you, but I suck at doing my hair and makeup.  Many of my clients haven’t had their hair and makeup done since their wedding.  Don’t worry.  This is why all of my packages come with professional hair, makeup and lashes.  The last thing you need to worry about on this special day is what you look like.  Instead you arrive with clean/dry hair and no makeup on .  My professional makeup artist will ask you questions about your skin care and style and then you get to relax.   We will play your favorite music and chat like we have been friends forever.  This down time will help you relax before your session and with your hair and makeup done you will be ready for a night out on the town.    

Come with clean/dry hair and no makeup on
Leave feeling glamorous
You can keep it natural
Or go more bold

Boudoir Posing

Now that you have the perfect outfit and you look amazing, what’s next? I have never done this before and I don’t know how to pose, is the biggest worry among my clients. Don’t worry! It is my job to pose you and make you feel comfortable.  I will make sure my angles and lighting is just right so you look beautiful.  Some of the poses are not comfortable so I will count to three and only ask you to hold it for a short time.  Every client is different and what they are able to do is different so I walk all my clients through the same poses, I just modify them as needed.

I will pose you to feel beautiful
I will walk you through each pose and adjust you as needed
I will show off the body parts you love
And above all we will have fun

Location’s to Choose

Now that you are ready let’s book your Boudoir Session. Most first time clients prefer the comfort of our Temecula Boudoir Studio.  It is in a secluded area on two acres.  We have a very light and bright studio upstairs or a darker, more moody studio downstairs.  Some of my country girls prefer going outside and using the haybales and when the weather is warm we can use the pool.  If you want a more BOHO style there is a location in Fallbrook we can use.  For my nature girls we can go on a hike and do your session amongst the trees or in a creek. 

Whatever you dream, we can make it happen.

You can do a milk bath at our Temecula studio
If it’s hot we can get in the pool
My country girls love the haybales
We can keep it light and bright
Or make it a little darker and more moody

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