5 Reasons To Do Boudoir

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Boudoir Is Not Scary!

If it’s one thing I know about Boudoir, it’s that most people are nervous and scared to do it and I totally understand this firsthand.  I did my first Boudoir shoot in L.A. back in 2010 and I was scared, nervous and excited because this was out of my comfort zone.  I am a Boudoir Photographer located in Temecula in a secluded neighborhood on 2 acres and privacy is my first objective.  As part of my process I send all of my client’s questionnaires to get to know them better but we can also do a pre consultation ahead of time so you can get to know me, my studio and ask as many questions as you would like. This is going to be the best Boudoir experience ever!

Temecula Boudoir Photographer, Temecula Boudoir
Get out of your comfort zone.
Bridal Boudoir, Temecula Boudoir,
Do something that makes you feel beautiful.
Maternity Boudoir, Temecula Maternity, Temecula Boudoir, White Lace Dress
Show off your belly bump.

Boudoir is Beautiful and So are You!

As women we are our own worst critics.  As a boudoir photographer here in Temecula I see it all the time. Most feel as though they need to lose weight before their Boudoir session but there is nothing farther than the truth.  Your friends and family love you exactly how you are so let me show you what they see.  I know Pinterest is full of size 2 Boudoir models but let’s be real.  Most of us are not a size 2 or in our 20’s.  Many of us are Moms trying to balance life and family.  We are married and wanting to keep the Spark going.  Some are in their 40’s and 50’s ready to start a new adventure in their life now that their kids are gone.  No matter where you are in life, we are all beautiful and deserve to feel that beauty.  I will photograph you to show off what you love about your body.  I will also help hide what you don’t love with your outfits, posing, and angles.  And trust me…. You will be surprised how many photos you love, and yes…..it is really you.  Most of my clients are shocked when they see their gallery and have a tough time narrowing down their favorites to make an album.  Trust me…. This is a good problem to have.

Outdoor Boudoir, Plus Size Boudoir, Flower Crown, Boho
We are all beautiful exactly as we are.
Temecula Boudoir Photographer, Temecula Boudoir
Age is just a number.
Outdoor Boudoir, Temecula Boudoir Photographer, Temecula Boudoir, Curvy Boudoir
Love yourself so others can love you too.

Boudoir is a Great Gift!

If your husband is like mine, he is impossible to shop for.  The best presents I have given him are Boudoir pictures of me.  I have now done 4 sessions and he has loved each and every one. I have done them as a Christmas present, Birthday present, and Anniversary gift.  You can even coordinate your session with a fun date night since your hair and makeup will be done.  If you’re getting married an album makes a great grooms gift, plus it’s a great way to try out some makeup ideas before your big day.  Boudoir sessions are a great gift to give yourself and those you love.  I have had many wives who have done Maternity Boudoir sessions with me because their husbands love their pregnancy body and want to document this special time in their lives.  Whatever the reason, Boudoir sessions are a fun for everyone.  It’s the kind of gift that keeps on giving.  You give it someone else but really reap the benefits yourself.   You get to do something that makes you feel beautiful and leaves you with lasting memories.

Celebrate Your Birthday
Milk Bath Boudoir, Lace Dress, Maternity Boudoir, Temecula Maternity
Your New Baby
Outdoor Boudoir, Temecula Boudoir, Boudoir Temecula, Spark Boudoir
His Birthday Gift

Boudoir Captures Your Inner and Outer Beauty!

If you avoid pictures because you feel you don’t photograph well, then welcome to the club.  Sometimes we all feel this way. I personally hate my nose and prefer to be behind the camera, but my kids have helped me realize how important it is to document yourself.  I document their life so why not my own.   This is why boudoir is so much fun!  You get your hair and makeup done by a professional and I get to photograph you in a glamorous way.  Your job is easy, all you have to do is show up and I will take care of the rest.   I can even help with your wardrobe.  I have a client closet full of options for pretty much every size.  Some see boudoir sessions as an investment, but I see them as a great way to have a daily reminder of how beautiful you are.  These pictures capture a moment in time and give you a way to see yourself in a whole new light.  You can get digital images, prints and albums.  However, all I ask is that you at least print out one image.  One image to hold onto and remember forever, because we all know the images on our computers and phones can easily be lost.  So book your session with me today. I am a Boudoir photographer here in Temecula but also serve the surrounding areas.

Outdoor Boudoir, Murrieta Boudoir Photographer, Murrieta Boudoir, Flower Crown
Your a Badass Mom…. Document That!
Birthday Boudoir, Temecula Boudoir, Boudoir Photographer Temecula
It’s your Birthday…. Document That!
Cobra Red Car, Temecula Boudoir, Boudoir Photographer Temecula
You loves this car……. Document that!

Because It’s Time to Celebrate You!

The last and most important reason why you should do a session with me is because you are worth it and need to be celebrated.  Many clients are scared to do Boudoir because they have never done one before and I totally get that.  I too was nervous the first time I did a Boudoir session, but I left feeling like a new woman.  I felt pampered, beautiful and empowered and this is something I get to share with my clients.  Our hair and makeup artists know how to make your eyes pop while keeping you natural and beautiful.  This is all done on location so you can kick back and relax before our session.   It makes you feel like a whole new person and gets you in the mood to have some fun.   It’s time to celebrate you and finally put yourself on the top of the list.

(Plus, it’s a great excuse to buy some new lingerie.)

Sports Boudoir, Ducks, Temecula Boudoir, Boudoir Photographer Temecula
Show off your favorite team
Temecula Boudoir Photographer, Temecula Boudoir
Celebrate your weight loss
Boudoir Milk Bath, Temecula Boudoir Photographer, Tattoo sleeve
Do it for yourself

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