5 Milk Bath Sessions That Will Make You Smile

Milk Bath with Bubbles and fun lollipops at a Temecula studio

Milk Bath’s Are Not Just About Flowers

When most people think of a Milk Bath session, they imagine flowers and milky white water. I personally love doing Milk Bath sessions here in Temecula, but they don’t all have to be flowers or look exactly the same. You can use your favorite cereal like Fruit Loops to add a lot of color. Maybe you are a bubbles and champagne kind of girl, or maybe you have a favorite flower you want to be surrounded by. No matter what your passion is, we can create it and make your Boudoir session extra special.

Mommy and Me Milk Bath Session

Why do traditional newborn photos?

Bubble Bath and Tattoos

Bath tubs are for bubbles.

Fruit loops in a bubble bath

Bath tubs are for fun!

Maternity Milk bath boudoir session

Bellies are Beautiful!

Basic Milk Bath

Milk Bath photos are a great addition to any Boudoir session. Being surrounded by flowers gives you a very surreal feeling. Its relaxing and beautiful! The light gives you creamy skin and your eye makeup really pops against the water. If you have tattoos your artwork really stands out. All you need is a lace bodysuit, a great bra and underwear set, or the confidence to go semi-nude. These photos make a great canvas to hang in your bathroom and our bathtub is huge, so it fits every body. Our professional hair and makeup artists know how to make your eyes pop and your face flawless.

Milk Bath Boudoir Session with flowers

Boudoir is Beautiful

Bridal Boudoir Milk Bath session with bouquet

Bridal Boudoir

Milk Bath Boudoir with pink flowers

Milk does a body good!

Milk Bath Boudoir Session on a gorgeous girl with tattoos

Tattoos are Art

Champagne and Fruit Loops

If flowers aren’t your thing, we can do a champagne bubble bath. We can make the bubble as low or high as you want so you can either show off body parts or hide them. I even have a bubble machine to add more fun to your photos. Another great twist on a milk bath is cereal. Fruit Loops are my favorite since they are very colorful and float well, but you can use any cereal you like. You can even add candy like lollipops to give it a fun twist. Get as creative as you want. The possibilities are endless.

Bubble Bath with Fruit Loops

Fruit Loops are Fun

Champagne Bubble Bath

Everyone deserve champagne and bubbles.

Milk Bath full of Fruit Loops

Milk does a body good.

Bubble Bath boudoir with lollipop fun and bright colors

Lollipops and Love

Bubble Bath and flowers

We all deserve some me time.

Maternity Milk Bath

Maternity Milk Bath photos are also a lot of fun. We typically add it to the end of your Maternity Boudoir session, so your hair and makeup still looks its best. Most of my clients wear a lace dress or a cute bra and underwear set. I also have maternity dresses that split at the tummy you can use. Most Moms having a girl go with pink and purple flowers. If you are having a baby around Christmas time, then reds are popular. If you are having a boy, blues, sunflowers and rubber duckies are a hit. No matter what colors you choose your belly bump will be gorgeous and you are going to have fun! Photographing pregnant mommas makes me smile.

Maternity Milk Bath with Christmas flowers

Best Christmas Present

Maternity Boudoir Milk Bath

Simple is Sexy

Maternity Milk Bath pink flowers

This little princess is a warrior

Maternity Milk Bath with pink and purple flowers

I am always thinking of you

Mommy and Me Session

Don’t want traditional newborn photos? Then try a Mommy and Me Milk Bath session. They are very intimate and beautiful. I understand babies are unpredictable, so we don’t really have a time limit on your session. We will work around what is best for and your little one. Bring a friend to hold your little one and we can get some photos of just you first before adding your son or daughter to the bathtub. Babies love the water. It is warm so they become very relaxed and possibly pee, but the pictures are totally worth it.

Mommy and Me Milk Bath session

You are precious in every way.

Mommy and Me Session

You make my heart smile.

Newborn Milk Bath session

You will forever be my always.

Milk Bath Session with lace dress

I can’t love you if I don’t love myself.

What’s Stopping You

If these aren’t enough great reasons to do a Milk Bath session, then silky skin may make you smile. We use Vanilla Creamer in our bathtub to keep your skin soft and smelling great. Your session will be at our private studio in Temecula where you don’t have to worry about anyone looking in. It is very private and typically takes only 30-45 minutes which is why most add it to the end of their boudoir session or maternity photos.

Book your milk bath session today!  You are going to love your photos.

Kellie Foster Photography and Spark Boudoir

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