Outdoor Boudoir Ideas in California With everyone being stuck at home I thought it would be fun to share some Outdoor Boudoir Ideas.   This way when the stay at home orders are lifted we are all inspired and ready to shoot some Outdoor Boudoir Sessions.  This session was a styled shoot I went to in […]

Outdoor Boudoir Shower

Now, more than ever,  we need to show ourselves self love.  Millions of women are not only Mom’s right now but also teachers due to the Coronavirus.  We are out of work, stressed, and still trying to balance life.  We are constantly worrying about others and trying to make sure everyone is ok, but who […]

Outdoor Creek Boudoir in Fallbrook in a Lace Dress shot by Kellie Foster Photography and Spark Boudoir

Outfits to Bring to Your Boudoir Session This is going to be your first Boudoir session so now what? I know not everyone has a drawer full of lingerie that they use nightly but most of have one or two pieces we love.  If not, don’t worry.  The one thing I do ask all my […]

Spark Boudoir, Kellie Foster Photogrpahy, Temecula Boudoir Photographer, Temecula Boudoir

“Size Doesn’t Matter when it comes to Boudoir” When I hear the words Plus Size or Curvy I picture a variety of women.   To me sexy is not a size, it’s a way of thinking and Sandy is full of sexiness.  She has a size 26 waist and a G cup.  When Sandy reached out […]

Plus Size Boudoir, Plus Size Lingerie, Curvy Girl, Spark Boudoir

Milk Bath’s Are Not Just About Flowers When most people think of a Milk Bath session, they imagine flowers and milky white water. I personally love doing Milk Bath sessions here in Temecula, but they don’t all have to be flowers or look exactly the same. You can use your favorite cereal like Fruit Loops […]

Milk Bath with Bubbles and fun lollipops at a Temecula studio
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Spark Boudoir


Spark Boudoir